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Advisory Board Member

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Marvin holds B.A(S.S) Degree from Makerere University, Kampala and a Diploma in Project Planning and Management.


Marvin Apira is a Business Executive, and the President of MoneyVenture Logistics Inc, a Logistics and Consultancy Business Company based in Dallas, Texas USA.


He is also the Exclusive Rights Distributor of Hydro-gen25 Technology in the East African Community Countries of Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.


Marvin Holds  a Brands Ambassador Africa position for a Silicon based Clean Technology Groups under Cures4 Humanity Inc where Cleaner technologies are being fronted to provide Clean water, electricity, food supplies , Affordable housing to mention but a few


He has had over 10 years of working experience in the Non- Profit sector having worked with Lake Highland Church In Dallas as a Volunteer Director, and as a Director for Refugee Empowerment at Fellowship Dallas Church where he formulated and  implemented the Education Pathway Program and Skills Development empowerment approach. He has been instrumental in creating a Refugee Round Table for Churches  within Dallas over the years that has positively Impacted the eventual integration of refugee communities in key Churches . Marvin is thus a person with skills working with people from diverse backgrounds and therefore provided a global point of view that assisted organizations in accurately understanding multi-cultural integration and refining global objectives.


For Instance in 2004 having arrived in Dallas as a refugee and with the help of Lake Highlands Church, he founded a Refugee Support Center in the Dallas Vickery Meadow area where he served as a Volunteer Director helping Churches integrate mainly with African refugees in their communities and congregation and finding them Jobs. Along the way, Marvin served Fellowship Bible Church Dallas as it’s Empowerment Director (2007-2010) assigned with building Local and global Partnership of the Church. He helped the Church build meaningful relationships with refugees  in gaining  access to Job opportunities and through education in the Dallas  Community Community Colleges where over 500 have successfully gained entry and since graduated.



Marvin’s Call and passion for the disadvantaged also has led him to start a NonProfit-Alliance for Forgotten Children Uganda, Inc. As a Founder/Executive Director, he

has built an Administrative Complex in Northern Uganda to serve as a Community Clinic, a Mission field Office and an Orphanage Center operating in Pawor Village, Arua District. He has sponsored many disadvantaged  Youth to graduate levels in Uganda


Marvin worked as Uganda’s National Secretary General for the Junior Chamber of Commerce, commonly known as the Jaycees from 1999 to 2003. Inspired by Jaycee’s creedal affirmation that states,“Service to humanity is the best work in life”, he has since implemented that creed by continuing to  transform communities and “living a mark “everywhere he has lived.



As an appointed  Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom’s Ambassador in the United States, with the recognition of the government of Uganda where he serves as a chief Investment lobbyist for Uganda especially in the Bunyoro sub region where 6.5 billion barrels of oil and gas has been discovered and will be extracted for over 30 years. He is now raising awareness and support among individuals, corporate organizations and nonprofits for the Bunyoro Royal University that has recently been established to “take off”.

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