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Hallo and Happy New year, warrior partners Our 2019 was made possible by your support in different ways. We have had our share of challenges, but God has continued to guide us every step of the way. Sadly, the need of a safe house like ours for children has increased given statistics of reported threats and deaths in 2019. We are glad that we are able to give our children a place they can call home away from home, at least until the law takes its course and when all parties involved are able to sort out things from their end and most important until the survivor is ready to face the society that let her down in the most horrific way. It is not cheap to care for our survivors and those that have visited us can attest to this, but your support in helping us meet our obligations has eased the enormous budget we have every month and for that we say thank you. Thank you for bringing hope to survivors caught on the path of confusion after the ordeal. Thank you for making it easier to parents who do not know where they will take their children for safety after such an ordeal especially after the systems put in place fail and protection is no longer served on their tables because someone has been compromised. Thank you for encouraging us to capture out stories that talk about our challenges, victories and lessons learnt along the way. 2020 we are trusting God to activate phase 2 of our vision which is:

- To admit teen girls ages 13 and 14.

- Buy a van to help in transportation of our warriors to and from school, hospital visits, court hearings and even as they go for church services.

- Purchase land for building a safe house plus projects that will help us be self-sustainable.

- Expansion of Kara to different regions Our prayer is that 2020 you will continue to lift our warriors up in every way possible and we welcome you to continue partnering with us and be a apart of the Olmurani journey.

You are a valued subscriber/partner and together we preserve these innocent lives so that we can have a healed, healthy society.

We will resume our Warrior Wednesday blogposts

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