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Our mission is to empower each little warrior, one soul at a time, and give equal opportunity to pursue one’s dream by providing exclusive safe houses and empowerment programs tailored towards uniqueness and elevating lives as they are restored to the community with value, purpose, dignity, and freedom.


Together we set off on a journey to be the enlightening bridge between those children and the rest of the world by educating, executing awareness, and prevention campaigns to schools, homes, places of worship, businesses, and the worldwide community on what makes our children vulnerable to harassment and sexual abuse.




To aid warriors in recovering from the trauma, become self-sufficient, and re-build their lives while committed to eradicating child Sexual Abuse and Harassment. Our vision is to empower the voices of the vulnerable and exploited as we serve a purpose bigger than ourselves, but we cannot do this alone. We seek to empower and support them by giving them tools and livelihood skills so they can confidently go back to their community and live a life they can take pride in.

We Value C.H.I.L.D.R.E.N
  • Cooperation

Nothing is achievable without cooperation and coordinated effort. Our core value is to partner with professionals that have the same vision across the globe. We join forces to produce opportunities to come together and fabricate memories forever.


  • Honesty

Our teams demonstrate honesty, integrity, and focus on placing ourselves in the shoes of others. We work with transparency by communicating internally and externally with relentless candor and regard.


  • Innovative

We realize that there is no limit as to where the mind can travel when it comes to using our imagination in providing solutions. We run our organization by thinking differently and creatively to better the lives of our little warriors.


  • Leadership

To show others how it’s done and encourage them through our actions for the moral development of our community. We pride in our leadership in exhibiting moral fortitude, strength, and regarding the whole world as ONE with equality and respect.


  • Different

We dare to be different in our approach in tackling the challenges that stare at us every day while providing the best bespoke solution to each young warrior. We endeavor to be a force that brings significant, positive changes that will have a lasting impact both now and, in the generations, to come.


  • Relevant

Our mandate as stewards carries a huge responsibility in the transformation of these young warriors. That means that we must evolve with the emerging trends and adapt so as to remain relevant and uncompromising in our obligation.


  • Empowerment

To empower children and families to hunt for collective transformation. We strive to equip them to become effective in taking control of their lives by achieving realistic goals. Our mission is to build their capability and provide a platform to engage and invest their community to achieve a successful, prosperous, and pleasant living environment.


  • Nurture

We Strive to build an ambience that enhances and nurture’s our warrior’s individuality because we believe that all of us have a measure of unparalleled value, that is waiting to be revealed. Our value ponders our relentless enthusiasm to achieve our objectives by trying new ways and turning into a model example.