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Issues of sexual violence remain pervasive in our culture and if left unattended, they might bring more damage to the girl who has been defiled. It is for this reason that we consider therapy to be one of the main pillars at Kara, whether it is a few days after the abuse has taken place or years after.

We offer free counseling services to sexual violence survivors to help them begin the long journey of healing. This is a complicated process and because each case is different and all the people involved are unique in the way they respond to the aftermath. Revisiting the horrific ordeal is never easy and yet it is a necessary step for healing is to occur.

Each survivor receives tailor made therapeutic sessions that suit their needs in an atmosphere of total confidence where they can gain a sense of control. We also believe that good therapy does not just take you to your past, but rather it carries hope that helps you paint your future against the canvas of your pain as you forge ahead into a better tomorrow.
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Have you experienced sexual abuse?
Recovering can take time and the healing process can be painful. We need you to regain your sense of control, rebuild your self worth and learn to heal. Someone is ready to walk with you, reach out.

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