Kara Ambassador - Kenya


Tabby enjoys bringing people together through organizing events. She is the founder of Shofar Entertainment Solutions which hosts Jirani Mwema(swahili for Good Neighbor), a product that is aimed at bringing neighbors together and building enriched relationships between them through organizing and running fun events in the estates. Tabby (as she likes calling herself) is a holder of BSc. Actuarial Science and MSc. Applied Statistics. She enjoys working on data(data analytics) and making stories out of them. She lectures Statistics subjects at a university in Kenya. Tabby also has a heart for children and she helps them stay healthy by providing kids' fun equipment that keep them active. This includes providing bouncy castles, trampolines, Zorb Balls, clown services, etc. for children. At Kara Olmurani, she has organized and run fun days for the young warriors where she treats them to these kiddy fun events. She's also passionate about impacting the next generation with the word of God through discipleship; she holds discipleship classes every fortnight Saturday at her house that includes her daughters and their friends. Greatest of them all, Tabby is a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. She enjoys getting together with other women and studying a book on different aspects of life. Her hobbies include: traveling, trying out new restaurants, swimming, and dancing!