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It truly does take a village to raise a child. In the case of Kara it takes several villages and we are glad to have them all in our corner as we #SaveOurChildren from the silent pandemic called Sexual abuse and from all forms of #rapeculture.

So much happened last year at Kara Olmurani. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for everything God allowed us to go through.

To everyone who partnered with us in one way or another we say thank you. To our monthly partners and seasonal ones, you made our year very successful. Many needs were met and we are still here serving our children because you have made it possible with your cash contributions and in kind.

As this year begins, I want to take time and appreciate everyone involved.


Medina Bon our Country Manager, Joy Kwaga our House Mother, Faith our House Manager, Scolastica our Social Worker, there is no Kara without you. Being on the ground you have the front row seat to everything that happens. You experience the good, bad and the ugly and yet you buckle up daily and get things moving. Thank you so much for taking care of our wonderful warriors.


Pst Plumb Line, Patrice Brown and Rodah Okinda where would I be without your leadership. Your advice and support means everything to me.


Korry Bachia, Betty Kuria, MArvin Apira and Anthony Waweru thank you all so much for the last minute call for meeting and for advise you have given me on so many different occasions on how best to move this vision. Your contributions make a huge difference in the lives of our warriors.


Wambui Njoroge Kenya, Adia Thawabu Dubai, Musimbi Maletjane Germany and Maureen Racheal Ambani U.S Idaho, your representation in different countries for the sake of our girls and the vision of Kara has made an impact and huge difference in our agenda as an organization. You have been my mouth to so many people but more importantly the heart that you carry the message with is what touches me the most. Kara's agenda needs everyone on board and through you we are moving this steadily. Thank you for all you do.

Our LAWYER Ndindi Nganga, you have gone above and beyond in ensuring our last minute calls from different investigation officers for our children informing us of court cases are attended by you. You give us solid advise and encourage the children in ways we could not on legal matters. Your presence in the corridors of justice makes us feel covered and that alone is a very important ingredient in the journey of healing.

Elite Foundation a non profit that has held our hand in so many ways. Your contributions to Kara screams of what Elite stands for as you fund freedom. Dr Jessica Vera and Wendy L. Elliott Consulting, thank you for the vision you put together that has crossed boarders helping many. We value our partnership deeply.

Chef Martin Ochieng , every month for the whole year you have ensured our young warriors have a cake to celebrate the birthdays in that month. Your mouth melting cakes are something we look forward to every end of the month. Thank you for also partnering with us for two years now on our annual Thanksgiving cermeony. Your mouth watering recipes leave everyone longing for more. Your professionalism is one that I truly admire making it very easy to work with you.

Caex Fashion World, two years now and you have ensured our girls annual Thanksgiving cermeony outfits are done on time and stitched to perfection. We look forward to the custom made outfits since the whole year we get gently used hand me downs, but this day our girls get to walk down the runway with clothes that were made just for them. Thank you so much for making my beautiful gals feel special because that's what they are.


Our lifeline and Community adopter parents, Joy Maureen, Mary Gathuru, and Charlma Quarles. Your decision to love our girls so closely taking care of their every need as you would your own child brings hot tears to my eyes. This journey has been much easier with you on board, we get to be parents to these lovely girls and in the process restore back humanity in their lives. Thank you for opening your hearts to our daughters.


Thank you for taking time to tutor our gals and especially for those who come in completely traumatized. You gently fill in the gaps when they were not able to go to school and you also understand when any of our girls needs to take a break. This support helps them to slowly begin to open up to the world again after so much heart ache and confusion that they have experienced.


For all you do, different techniques used to ensure our warriors are getting on without major breakdowns is something I always marvel and cherish. You make our work much easier because you help our gals debrief in safe spaces. Your lessons in helping them to learn on safe ways of debriefing have done our young warriors so much good. Thank you.


We have called on you anytime we have any trouble or received any threat. Special thanks goes to Officer Winnie. You have ensured there is calm in the house after any issue. We truly appreciate that we have a friend in you.

There are those I have not mentioned here. Please note that I value your contributions so deeply. Relationships birthed because of this cause, have grown to be meaningful and impactful. Your heart in this encourages me to keep going.

Last but not least my family, Tonny Gobanga, Tehille and Towdah. Many people see a strong lady but you have seen me at my best and at my very worse. Thank you for contributing sacrificially towards this cause, thank you for allowing me to work late hours on many nights given different time zones, thank you for holding me together whenever I get those not so good communication from Kara Homes, thank you for allowing me to vent, thank you for sharing ideas on many occasions on different things pertaining Kara. You are the true definition of what family should be. I love you all very much.

To EVERYONE involved, please know I could never do this without you. With God, you and I, we will keep this vision alive until we see our girls are free from sexual abuse. Together, policies will be put in place for better communities.

May you ALL be blessed a thousand fold as we look forward to a greater 2022.


See you in February as we resume our blog posts every other Wednesday.

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