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terry gobanga

Founder and President

Dynamic, captivating, jovial, and effervescent, Teresita or as many call her Terry is a wife and mother of two. Founder and President of Kara Olmurani, she has established an organization that is making a difference having real impact in the world. She has used her anointed gifting for leadership, mentoring, coaching, and shepherding to provide a safe space for young girls who have been sexually assaulted. Terry has an undying desire to advocate for women and children who are rape survivors, and the policies and statutes that protect them from predators.  It is her passion to ensure that victims become victors and not only victors, but warriors who are restored in every way possible. 


As an international motivational speaker, her impact extends beyond the Kenyan soil where she was born and raised.  She is an esteemed graduate of East Africa University, in Bible and Theology and continues her studies in Human Services and Child Psychology. 


She has chronicled her traumatic abduction and rape in her autobiography Crawling out of Darkness. BBC online magazine shared her story too, in awe of her resilience and the work she does


Terry has received numerous Honors and awards for her hard work and many contributions towards societal reform. In November 2021, she was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity from St Thomas Christian University Florida, recognizing her trail blazing work as a child protector of sexually abused survivors.  In March 2021, she was honored with the unsung Shero award by Every Girl Wins Institute Charlotte, in recognition of the work she does to improve the lives of girls in the community. In 2017, she was awarded with Humanitarian Award from Café Ngoma Kenya, in recognition of the work she does among sexual abuse survivors. In 2016, she was awarded the Timeless Woman of Wonder for her tireless efforts in restoring dignity to sexually assaulted women.


She currently serves in the board of Kenya Women in The United States of America (KWITU) U.S and Kenya Branches.


Terry is sought after as a speaker, thought leader, author, advocate, preacher, and counselor. Her passion is unquenchable.

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