terry gobanga

Founder and President

Our Founder and President Teresita or as known by many Terry, authored Crawling Out of Darkness in 2011. She captures her life's journey openly from being abducted and sexually assaulted by three men on her wedding day to losing her husband a few days later.

The book has been sold in many parts of the world and many people have reached out for help asking her to share her story in different forums from national TV channels, newspapers, conferences and many more. She choose this uncommon path of coming out and speaking openly so that she can encourage others who have gone through the ordeal.

Her story has also been shared on BBC online magazine


Kara Olmurani is a Maasai phrase which means “I am a Warrior” who deals with the situation at hand by confronting it, she knows that worrying will never conquer a besetting situation.

A warrior might be wounded physically or emotionally but as long as there is life in her, she will strive to pull out the inner strength and deal, instead of dwelling on what happened.​​​

In November 2021, she was awarded an honorary doctorate of divinity from St. Thomas Christian University. This award recognizes her trail blazing work as a child protector of sexually abused survivors. She has developed programs and systems that create a safe space by rebuilding and restoring the dignity of these warriors on their way to reintegration. 

In March 2021, she was honored with the Unsung Shero Award by Every Girl Wins Institute in recognition of the work that she does to improve the lives of girls in the community. She was awarded Cafe Ngoma, Humanitarian award 2017 for the recognition of the work she continues to do.  ​In 2016 she was also awarded the Timeless Woman of Wonder for her tireless efforts in restoring dignity to sexually assaulted women.



She currently serves in the board of Kenya Women In The United States of America (KWITU) in the US and Kenya.

catch up with her on www.terrygobanga.com